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Hello, Welcome to Clachnacuddin Smallbore Rifle Club. est 1913


Clachnacuddin Smallbore Rifle Club



We hope you had a good experience with us at the game fair, drop us a message to find out more about the club and smallbore target shooting.

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If this is your first or fifteenth visit to our stand at the fair we hope you have enjoyed yourself at what we see as a taster to the sport of target shooting.

While leaning on a sometimes rocky bench and trying to hit a target is not perhaps the ideal way to test yourself, it does give you a feel of what is involved in the sport. Most of our shooting is done in the prone position (lying down) with the use of a sling to support and steady the rifle. Hitting the middle of the target is then down to you.

We have a good selection of match rifles and equipment available for you to try and we are happy to supply advice and coaching to give you the chance of hitting the target more times than you do not. Should you wish to continue with the sport we would generally recommend that, in time, you look at getting some equipment of your own (ie sling, glove, jacket) as then you do not have to alter the club equipment every time you go down to shoot, which will help you to become more consistent.

How do you feel about trying the real thing? Why not come along to the club during September when we run introduction evenings to allow you the opportunity of seeing what is involved.

The majority of our indoor shooting, at 25 yd, is done over the winter months, and we also do outdoor shooting during the summer months at 50m and 100 yd. On an average club evening you may shoot 3 or 4 cards of 10 bulls each and also enjoy the general banter in the club.

Like most sport, practice makes perfect, at least some of the time, and how far you want to progress is very much down to yourself. We cannot all be world champions and the majority of members are happy to compete at their own level at club, region and national competition or just happy to plink away against themselves. You have these options as most competitions are run on a class basis where those of similar abilities shoot against each other.

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